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1st 3D Archery WCH

22th of August 2016, Sopron, HUNGARY, Ágfalva




The groups for team qualification day are here:

Short distances teams

Long distances teams (modified)




The 3DWCH programs has been changed.

Please check the modified schedule in HERE!

The changes related with the time of  team competitions


The 1st 3D World Championships now open

Please follow the news, informations, and pictures event in the offical facebook site in here:

Good luck for competitors!


As Chairman of the Organizing Committee and on behalf of the Hungarian Archery Association, I am pleased to invite you to the HDH-IAA 3D Archery World Championships 2016.  

The Competition will take place in Ágfalva (Sopron, Hungary) on 22–27th of August 2016 and will be shot according to the HDH-IAA rules and regulations.  The event is open to all competitors, who have IAA shooting license.

See you in Ágfalva

János Szedlár
Chairman of OC



Monday 22.08.
10.00-18.00    Registration - equipment check (competition office at the Vadon Horse Club)
12.00-16.00    Practice field open at the Vadon Horse Club
19.00               Opening ceremony
20.00-22.00    Registration - equipment check

Tuesday 23.08.
08.00-10.00    Registration - equipment check
08.00-10.30    Practice field open at the Vadon Horse Club
11.00-17.00    1st day (28 3D targets)

Wednesday 24.08.
08.00-09.30    Practice field open
10.00-16.00    2nd day (28 3D targets)

Thursday 25.08,
08.00-09.30    Practice field open
10.00-16.00    3rd day (28 3D targets)

Friday 26.08.
09.00-12.00    Team qualification (14 3D targets)
13.00              Team finals (six 3D targets) Change!!!!
14.00               Money shoot 

Saturday 27.08.
11.00               Team finals (six 3D targets)
08.00               Individual finals (six 3D targets)
18:00               Awarding Ceremony





What to do?

  1. Fill the registration form on application site
  2. Validate your registration through clicking on link sent to your e-mail address automatically right after you have sent the registration form.
  3. Transfer the registration fee
    (it has to arrive to account before deadline transfer is 3 working days) 
     please write the registration number on to the transfer for identification!

Accommodation booking deadline: 01 July 2016
Please transfer the accomodation fee to Hungarian Archery Association’s bank account.
Rooms are limited, we fill it in order of payment! First come - first get! 


Registration deadline: 12 July 2016

Entry fee(net*): 180 € / competitor (or 55800 HUF)

Under 18 years: 160 € / competitor (or 49600 HUF)

Discounted entry fee(net*) received before 22 May 2016: 150€ / competitor (or 46500 HUF)
Discounted entry fee(net*) Under 18 years: 130€ / competitor (or 40300 HUF)

From 22 July 2016 only at place payment is possible!

*net=after bank and transfer fees

 Do not transfer the money after 15 July 2016   Registration fee on the spot: 250 € (or 77500 HUF)

Cancellation policy (registration and accommodation):
until 14.06.2016. 90% repaid, 
after 15.06.2016. 50% repaid. 
No refund after15.07.2016.

If you are an individual shooter or your club /association did not pay the membership fee for 2016 you have to buy individual HDH-IAA shooting license for 2016 (15 Euro).



Bank details for EUR transfer:

Bank name and address: OTP BANK NYRT, 1163 Budapest Jókai utca 3/B
Owner: Hungarian Archery Association, 1163 Budapest Margit utca 28.
IBAN: HU21 1176 3165 1686 8887 0000 0000

For HUF transfer please use this account: 11716008-20205953