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2nd Historical Archery WCH

13th of August 2018, Gyula, Castle of Gyula


Magyar nyelvű meghívó ITT!


Final results of  2nd Historical World Championships 2018 are here:


Final results of Flight Shooting WCH 2018:


Final results of Long Distance Target Shooting WCH 2018:



According to the historical rules of
HDH-International Archery Association
Three World Championship awards!


Competition rules:

I would like to invite you on behalf of the Hungarian Archery Association to 2nd HDH-IAA Historical Archery World Championships 2018. The competition will be organised on 13-19th August 2018 according to the rules of the historical HDH-IAA. It is open to all archers to register as no qualification is needed.

I wish good luck for all our competitors and a good time for our guests and visitors!

I am looking forward to seeing you in Gyula.

Tamás Lovász
President of HAA Historical Disciplines



Registration open until 31.07.2018!


English invitation





Magyar meghívó



Organizers: Magyar Íjász Szövetség, Kerecsényi László Íjász Egyesület
Head of organizers: Tamás Lovász

Organisation Commitee tel.: +36 20 931 4471
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Competition rules:

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