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3D GP 2020 - AUSTRIA

1st of May 2020, Krumpendorf, AUSTRIA, CANCELLED!


Dear Friends!

We are sorry to note that due to the COVID-19 outbreak situation the organizers canceled and postponed the 3D GP.

The GP will be held October 23-25, 2020. This competition will require new registration.
Please follow our page and we will keep you updated on HDH-IAA events. 


Once you have paid the entry fee, it will be valid for the October GP.
We look forward to seeing you!If the new date does not match and you are requesting a refund, please contact
The bank cost of the refund is cca. 5 €, please consider whether it is worth asking for a refund for this price and transfer the entry fee again in the fall at the same cost.

1st May, Friday

Arrivals and Accommodation
0500 – 0700 pm Accreditation

2nd May, Saturday

0700 am Accreditation, Warm Up
0830 am Welcome, Target allocation
0900 am Start of Competition on twenty 3D Targets
1300 pm to 1400 pm break
1430 pm Start on second twenty 3D Targets

3rd May, Sunday

0730 am   Warm up
0900 am   Start of third twenty 3D Targets
1330 pm  Start of Individual Final First six Shooter each class on six 3D Targets.
1600 pm   Medal Award


Registration fee for
Adults, Young Adults, Veteran - € 40 / Person

Junior, Cadets, Children - € 25 / Person

Deadline for payment

  • The arriving of transfer must be done until 15.04.2020. for activate of registration.

    The validity of the registration starts with the payment date.

Bank details

  • Bank für Kärnten und Steiermark
    IBAN: AT07 17000 00 100 161 788




                      Touristboard Krumpendorf / Wörthersee
                              Phone:          +43 (0)4229 / 234331
                              Fax:             +43 (0)4229 / 234399
                              Address:          9201 Krumpendorf am Wörthersee, Hauptstraße 145 


                              Navi Coordinates:

                                                 DMS Format: N46  37’ 34“ / E 14 12‘ 52“

                                                 Deg Format: N 46.6261307 / E 14.214468300000021 



Information Concernig the Performing Association:

                                     BSC Wörthersee as well Mr. Charly Egger is delighted to carry out to host the Grand Prix

                                                 Tournament 2020 in Krumpendorf / Austria