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3D GP 2020 - AUSTRIA

1st of May 2020, Krumpendorf, AUSTRIA, CANCELLED!

List of registered participants

#First name Last nameAgeSexBow classRegistration Country codePayed
7605AlexanderKanetscheideradult (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2020-02-08 11:04:49Austria, Republic ofNot yet
7392AlexisRuppitschcadet (13 - 14 years)Female0002019-10-15 07:26:29Austria, Republic ofNot yet
7576AlfredKreidlveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2020-01-24 07:24:39Austria, Republic ofNot yet
7662AliceHessljunior (15 – 17 years)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2020-03-13 13:08:59Austria, Republic ofYes
7466AndreaKovácsné Bulinadult (21 – 50 years)FemaleBB (Bare bow)2019-10-31 11:03:54HungaryNot yet
7451AndreasSchleinzeradult (21 – 50 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2020-03-13 13:09:13Austria, Republic ofYes
7582AndreasRinnhoferveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2020-01-25 19:56:33Austria, Republic ofNot yet
7603AndreasPirkeradult (21 – 50 years)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2020-02-10 09:05:26Austria, Republic ofYes
7656AndreiVuilovadult (21 – 50 years)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2020-03-04 21:25:34SloveniaNot yet
7585AntonBelejadult (21 – 50 years)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2020-01-26 20:31:19SloveniaNot yet
7558ArminUnterwandlingadult (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2020-01-10 14:57:13Austria, Republic ofNot yet
7356ArnulfBeguschveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2020-01-10 10:25:34Austria, Republic ofYes
7463BélaBereczveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleCRB (Crossbow)2020-02-20 09:04:48HungaryNot yet
7480BernadetteBugelnigadult (21 – 50 years)FemalePB-HB (Primitive Bows & Horse Bows)2020-01-14 10:50:31Austria, Republic ofYes
7453BernhardSchinkoveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2019-11-18 13:21:12Austria, Republic ofYes
7354BrigitteNagelschmied-gaggladult (21 – 50 years)FemalePB-HB (Primitive Bows & Horse Bows)2019-10-14 18:55:18Austria, Republic ofNot yet
7508BulinAndreaadult (21 – 50 years)FemaleBB (Bare bow)2019-12-07 08:53:31HungaryNot yet
7386ChristianHeinkeveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2020-01-06 10:15:42GermanyYes
7390ChristianKlein-Weinbergeradult (21 – 50 years)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2019-10-14 23:58:37Austria, Republic ofNot yet
7479ChristianRinnerveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2019-11-03 14:14:17Austria, Republic ofNot yet
7519Christian Golser adult (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2020-01-06 10:15:22Austria, Republic ofYes
7601ChristianLangeradult (21 – 50 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2020-03-04 16:09:35Austria, Republic ofYes
7491ChristineStrasserveterans (51 years of age or older)FemaleBB (Bare bow)2020-03-13 13:08:29Austria, Republic ofYes
7532ChristinePointner-Midlveterans (51 years of age or older)FemaleBB (Bare bow)2019-12-22 10:23:07Austria, Republic ofNot yet
7458Claudia Weinbergeradult (21 – 50 years)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2019-10-28 19:19:05Austria, Republic ofNot yet
7626David Habáň adult (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2020-03-04 21:28:02Czech RepublicNot yet
7465Diána Mária Márkusadult (21 – 50 years)FemaleBB (Bare bow)2019-10-31 11:03:20HungaryNot yet
7503DusanKulisievicadult (21 – 50 years)MalePB-HB (Primitive Bows & Horse Bows)2020-02-20 09:19:03Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
7621DušanBinderadult (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2020-02-21 10:17:29Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Yes
7575ErichNageleadult (21 – 50 years)MaleCRB (Crossbow)2020-01-21 17:31:23GermanyNot yet
7617ERIKAMALKOVAadult (21 – 50 years)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2020-02-13 13:06:40Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
7344ErnstReicherveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2019-11-18 13:22:03Austria, Republic ofYes
7349ErnstGagglveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleHU (Hunter 3D)2019-10-14 19:05:40Austria, Republic ofNot yet
7432ErnstKatzmaieradult (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2020-01-23 13:54:10Austria, Republic ofYes
7417EwaldWallnerveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2019-10-19 19:45:51Austria, Republic ofNot yet
7636EwaldLeikamveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2020-02-20 17:01:32Austria, Republic ofNot yet
7511FábosLászlóadult (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2019-12-03 06:54:26HungaryNot yet
7429FerdinandBinderveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleHU (Hunter 3D)2019-10-23 15:18:05Austria, Republic ofNot yet
7515Frank Teskeveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2019-12-05 22:07:19GermanyNot yet
7493FranzReinprechtveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2020-03-13 13:07:54Austria, Republic ofYes
7474GaborLazaradult (21 – 50 years)MaleCRB (Crossbow)2019-11-01 16:47:14HungaryNot yet
7394GeraldBartelveterans (51 years of age or older)MalePB-HB (Primitive Bows & Horse Bows)2020-01-14 10:46:28Austria, Republic ofYes
7495GerdHermanikadult (21 – 50 years)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2020-02-10 09:06:10Austria, Republic ofYes
7351GerhardCrepazveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2020-01-23 13:53:48Austria, Republic ofYes
7494GerhardSanderveterans (51 years of age or older)MalePB-HB (Primitive Bows & Horse Bows)2019-12-02 09:56:11Austria, Republic ofYes
7593Gernot Leitner adult (21 – 50 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2020-02-04 07:56:11Austria, Republic ofNot yet
7364GerstmayrGerstmayradult (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2019-10-11 13:31:02Austria, Republic ofNot yet
7584GorazdGrosekveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2020-01-26 20:04:59SloveniaNot yet
7502GuentherKanzveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2020-02-10 09:06:46Austria, Republic ofYes
7632GünterUrlveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2020-02-20 11:51:26Austria, Republic ofNot yet
7467GyörgyGondánadult (21 – 50 years)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2019-10-31 11:43:37HungaryNot yet
7507GyurtaTamásveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleCRB (Crossbow)2019-12-01 19:17:01HungaryNot yet
7483HainJosefveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2019-11-04 17:32:20Austria, Republic ofNot yet
7638HannesSabitzeradult (21 – 50 years)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2020-03-04 16:08:49Austria, Republic ofYes
7340HeinerBesteveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleHU (Hunter 3D)2019-10-10 14:03:19Austria, Republic ofNot yet
7555HelmutVorauerveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2020-01-09 22:32:09Austria, Republic ofNot yet
7571HelmutTakatschadult (21 – 50 years)MaleCRB (Crossbow)2020-01-21 17:34:14Austria, Republic ofNot yet
7648HelmutBrandtnerveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleBB (Bare bow)2020-03-04 11:39:25Austria, Republic ofNot yet
7604Herbert Eicher veterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2020-02-10 09:05:52Austria, Republic ofYes
7637HerbertReinerveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2020-02-20 17:01:23Austria, Republic ofNot yet
7520IngoMicheuveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleBB (Bare bow)2019-12-10 18:12:32Austria, Republic ofNot yet
7620JAKUBMALEKjunior (15 – 17 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2020-02-13 13:11:56Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
7628JánKúdelaveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleBB (Bare bow)2020-02-17 16:49:35Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
7577JANKOPINTERadult (21 – 50 years)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2020-01-22 15:38:00SloveniaNot yet
7470JánosSzedláradult (21 – 50 years)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2019-10-31 12:32:07HungaryNot yet
7561Jitka Bětíkovácadet (13 - 14 years)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2020-01-16 12:44:35Czech RepublicNot yet
7563Jitka Bětíková (21 – 50 years)FemaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2020-01-20 13:11:56Czech RepublicNot yet
7484JohannPopveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2019-11-04 17:14:51Austria, Republic ofNot yet
7548JohannSternveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2020-01-08 12:45:37Austria, Republic ofNot yet
7396JózsefTóthadult (21 – 50 years)MaleCRB (Crossbow)2019-10-15 14:44:07HungaryNot yet
7530JuliaTamasiadult (21 – 50 years)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2019-12-19 13:51:27Austria, Republic ofNot yet
7533JuliusMidlveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleBB (Bare bow)2019-12-22 10:22:52Austria, Republic ofNot yet
7373KarlMaierveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleBB (Bare bow)2019-10-13 11:39:04Austria, Republic ofNot yet
7546KarlMaierveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleBB (Bare bow)2020-01-07 12:52:18Austria, Republic ofNot yet
7369KatrinNageleadult (21 – 50 years)FemaleBB (Bare bow)2020-01-14 10:46:48Austria, Republic ofYes
7624KingaKovácsadult (21 – 50 years)FemalePB-HB (Primitive Bows & Horse Bows)2020-02-13 21:08:18HungaryNot yet
7496Klaus Volkveterans (51 years of age or older)Male0002019-11-23 15:46:01Austria, Republic ofNot yet
7510KlausBrandstätteradult (21 – 50 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2019-12-02 20:25:47Austria, Republic ofNot yet
7501KrisztiánOroszadult (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2019-11-24 13:49:53HungaryNot yet
7619LEAMALKOVAcadet (13 - 14 years)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2020-02-20 08:45:36Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
7498LukášHošekjunior (15 – 17 years)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2019-11-23 21:20:07Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
7552ManfredWESTREICHERveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2020-01-10 10:36:39Austria, Republic ofYes
7657ManfredThurnesVeteranen (51 Jahre oder älter)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2020-04-07 18:30:31Austria, Republic ofNot yet
7518ManuelGinzingeradult (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2019-12-16 09:49:43Austria, Republic ofYes
7350ManuelaPirmannveterans (51 years of age or older)FemaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2020-01-23 13:53:24Austria, Republic ofYes
7615MarioKaltadult (21 – 50 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2020-03-04 16:09:12Austria, Republic ofYes
7367MarionThurneradult (21 – 50 years)FemaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2019-10-14 13:06:08Austria, Republic ofNot yet
7363MariuszPortnicki-Borasadult (21 – 50 years)MaleHU (Hunter 3D)2019-10-31 12:42:00PolandNot yet
7431MartinWörndleveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2019-10-23 15:26:14Austria, Republic ofNot yet
7655MartinŽáčekadult (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2020-03-04 16:01:50Czech RepublicNot yet
7509Martina Brandstätter adult (21 – 50 years)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2019-12-02 20:25:04Austria, Republic ofNot yet
7564MartinaKirschadult (21 – 50 years)FemaleBB (Bare bow)2020-02-21 10:16:58Austria, Republic ofYes
7382MelissaReinprechtadult (21 – 50 years)FemaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2019-10-31 12:39:33Austria, Republic ofNot yet
7399MichaelGraberadult (21 – 50 years)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2020-01-14 10:45:47Austria, Republic ofYes
7473MichaelEckeradult (21 – 50 years)FemaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2019-11-01 09:59:48Austria, Republic ofNot yet
7489MichaelTrostveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleBB (Bare bow)2019-11-18 17:37:44Austria, Republic ofNot yet
7500MichaelaMašlániovácadet (13 - 14 years)FemaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2019-11-23 21:37:15Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
7538MichaelaLorenzveterans (51 years of age or older)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2019-12-30 12:32:41Austria, Republic ofNot yet
7623MiklósKónyaadult (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2020-02-13 21:08:02HungaryNot yet
7497MiroslavMašlániadult (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2019-11-23 21:01:12Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
7383MojcaPavačičadult (21 – 50 years)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2019-10-14 08:43:44SloveniaNot yet
7391NicoleLeutschacheradult (21 – 50 years)FemaleBB (Bare bow)2019-10-15 07:27:43Austria, Republic ofNot yet
7499OndrejŠkorňákjunior (15 – 17 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2019-11-23 21:19:07Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
7646OscarRichterveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleBB (Bare bow)2020-03-02 14:49:47Austria, Republic ofNot yet
7387PatrickHeinkeadult (21 – 50 years)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2020-01-06 10:16:32GermanyYes
7514Peggy Kimmerle adult (21 – 50 years)FemaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2019-12-05 22:08:13GermanyNot yet
7414PeterFRITZveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleCRB (Crossbow)2020-02-21 10:17:14Austria, Republic ofYes
7449PeterWieseradult (21 – 50 years)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2019-11-01 15:36:04Austria, Republic ofYes
7488PeterHorňákadult (21 – 50 years)MalePB-HB (Primitive Bows & Horse Bows)2019-11-18 12:09:54Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
7616PETERMALEKadult (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2020-02-13 13:03:50Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
7464PiroskaGyörgyné Keresztadult (21 – 50 years)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2019-10-31 11:03:34HungaryNot yet
7627RadekKONIGadult (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2020-02-17 13:19:39Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
7599RainerMeinschadveterans (51 years of age or older)MalePB-HB (Primitive Bows & Horse Bows)2020-03-04 16:08:24Austria, Republic ofYes
7529RalfSallabergerveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2020-03-04 16:08:08Austria, Republic ofYes
7539RalfLorenzadult (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2019-12-30 12:36:44Austria, Republic ofNot yet
7542ReinhardKoglerveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleBB (Bare bow)2020-01-06 06:58:02Austria, Republic ofNot yet
7543ReinhardKoglerveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleBB (Bare bow)2020-03-13 13:08:11Austria, Republic ofYes
7613RomanaSchornveterans (51 years of age or older)FemaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2020-02-12 15:45:50Austria, Republic ofNot yet
7598Rosemarie Leitner adult (21 – 50 years)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2020-02-04 08:29:47Austria, Republic ofNot yet
7633RoswithaUrlveterans (51 years of age or older)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2020-02-20 11:55:16Austria, Republic ofNot yet
7649RoswithaUrlVeteranen (51 Jahre oder älter)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2020-03-05 07:57:00Austria, Republic ofNot yet
7378SabineBartel-Zechnerveterans (51 years of age or older)FemalePB-HB (Primitive Bows & Horse Bows)2020-01-14 10:46:07Austria, Republic ofYes
7517SabineScherladult (21 – 50 years)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2019-12-16 09:50:02Austria, Republic ofYes
7384SandiPavačičveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2019-10-14 08:56:33SloveniaNot yet
7469SebastianVánkyadult (21 – 50 years)MaleCRB (Crossbow)2019-10-31 11:43:56HungaryNot yet
7583SigridHalbedladult (21 – 50 years)FemaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2020-01-25 19:56:16Austria, Republic ofNot yet
7580SilviaAssaloniveterans (51 years of age or older)FemalePB-HB (Primitive Bows & Horse Bows)2020-02-10 09:06:26Austria, Republic ofYes
7524SlavkoBrezovnikadult (21 – 50 years)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2019-12-16 08:51:46SloveniaNot yet
7579SternJohannveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2020-01-23 06:11:26Austria, Republic ofNot yet
7476SzabinaBakóadult (21 – 50 years)FemaleCRB (Crossbow)2019-11-01 16:52:31HungaryNot yet
7462TamásGyurtaveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleCRB (Crossbow)2019-10-30 19:14:11HungaryNot yet
7625TatianaBinderováadult (21 – 50 years)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2020-02-14 10:46:53Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
7526TimUlbrich adult (21 – 50 years)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2020-01-06 10:15:07GermanyYes
7578TomažPinteradult (21 – 50 years)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2020-01-22 15:38:28SloveniaNot yet
7554UrsulaÜberbacherveterans (51 years of age or older)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2020-01-09 21:27:16Austria, Republic ofNot yet
7658VeronikaThurnesErwachsener (21 - 50 Jahre)FemaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2020-04-07 18:27:02Austria, Republic ofNot yet
7370VictorGruberadult (21 – 50 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2020-01-14 10:50:11Austria, Republic ofYes
7342VINCENZO ARCAveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2019-10-10 17:34:21Italy, Italian RepublicNot yet
7372WalterFeizlmairveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2019-10-13 09:07:05Austria, Republic ofNot yet
7586WilhelmRinnerveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2020-01-28 21:27:06Austria, Republic ofNot yet
7397Willingshofer August adult (21 – 50 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2020-01-10 10:25:16Austria, Republic ofYes
7492WinfriedStrasserveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleBB (Bare bow)2020-03-13 13:08:43Austria, Republic ofYes
#First name Last nameAgeSexBow classRegistration Country codePayed